If only you could read my mind..

If only you could read my mind:

  • You could see me smiling at you.
  • You could hear me laughing like a mad.
  • You could see me thinking of you as a beautiful mystery.
  • You could find me trying to solve a mystery as beautiful as you!
  • You could see me cherishing our history.
  • You could see me hoping for ‘us’
  • You could feel that I did try hard.
  • You could see that I really miss you a lot.
  • You could see my tears behind my wide smile.
  • You could see the need of your shoulder.
  • You could feel the past effect of your hands.
  • You could see the stories behind my scars.
  • You could hear the tales of my soul.
  • You could feel my writings.
  • You could find me cherishing your murmur.
  • You could find me praying to Almighty for the world.
  • You could see my diminished hopes diminishing.
  • You could see me accepting that by far, whatever my hands have holded, you were the best.
  • You could hear the reasons of my sacrifices.
  • You could see me reliving my life once more.
  • You could see the smile of my limbs after running a mile.
  • You could, for once, think of giving a second chance to ‘us’
  • You could find me asking for your forgiveness.
  • You could find me regretting for a past decision.
  • You could see me crying in a little corner of the world.
  • You could see me having faith in you as much as I have in almighty.
  • You could find me writing in a small cottage on a small hill with you.
  • You could find me seeing my future as you.
  • You could find me missing you.
  • You could see me penetrating into eternity.
  • You could find me giving a hope to a dyeing hope.

    But, however, you can’t and so you can’t hear my soul looking at my life and saying, “Once more!”


    6 thoughts on “If only you could read my mind..

    1. Perfect rendering of the language of the soul. I agree with all the aspects mentioned by you but my favourite one was,”You could hear the reasons of my sacrifices.” These days sacrifices go unnoticed that is why noticing them is so special and worth appreciation.” Great post!

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