Think.. You need to..

And today what I see is almost every man and woman writing about women empowerment, feminism, equality and what not!

In amidst all of this, we forget that male is a gender as well.

We have so much emphasised on women that we sincerely neglect the problems faced by men. Today, someone sent me a picture with utmost pride that a woman is leading many men out there about half a century back.

You might also be impressed via this, right? But you know what I see in it? Failure. Because I very well know what men and women will react to this. For a general men “That is what a lady should be like! But my counterpart need not be so outrageous and lead a normal life.” (Hypocrites) And women, my dear, will be “In a world of male dominance, she would have been really brave. But that’s only what wealthy women can do and we shouldn’t demand much!”

Clearly there is no development since then. Since if we as normal citizens can’t imagine a life of equality, why to do all of this?

Accept it you hypocrites, you just don’t want any sort of feminism. It is just something you do to show you are not narrow minded. Somebody really close to me thinks this all is just a fictional idea that is never gonna come true in the real life. How do I make him understand that the real life begins with himself.

I don’t really understand why you are so afraid from doing something you want to, no matter if it sounds unusual to the society? Did you just come in this world to just exist? No, you have come here to play your part and in turn, develop your soul. You will never achieve salvation without developing your soul. (Since I believe in the idea of salvation)

So today when you go home, hold your child’s (yes, treat them as a child) hand and tell them the same thing to both your daughter and son.

  • You need to be happy, as the very first priority. So, whatever you don’t like you may tell them without any fear.
  • Human race evolved to develop sexes to produce variations and thus exist for a longer time.
  • Never ever judge anyone for anything. Your life is all about your choice. And never let anyone judge you, as well.
  • You need not follow any of the trends of sexes that the world follows. You can cry in front of the world and this would not show you weak and you can wear a dungaree on your wedding of you don’t like heavy formal dresses, or you may not even marry!
  • You need to stop anyone at that very moment if someone speaks up any sexist comment on you.
  • Don’t be afraid too go against the waves, the ones who have gone against it have emerged victorious. Society is just an illusion we have created. Never let any terms or conditions of this society affect your thought processes.

You have come in this world to make a difference in it, otherwise it could have existed the same without you.

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