Dearest lost me…

Dearest lost me,

Life taught me to live with many things I could not once imagine my life without. But today I realise I have lost. Lost you. Lost the best person in my life.

I remember you getting through those sleepless nights for our huge dreams. And now, I find those dreams nowhere, neither you. Dreams disappeared now make me truly  understand mortality  of everything; but however I am not able to accept  it this time. 

My life is going out of my control and that is something I am really not able to tackle. I remember you realising it proudly that you have life under your control entirely. But what now, where have you gone? And why? And why have my dreams disappeared too? 

And then I realise that this is the fate. You disappeared and so will I. Life teaches us lesson and with that recreates us. The one recreated is probably more mature, but maturity is not for what we live. And I somewhere liked your innocence, pretty much cute. And now, I badly miss you and my dreams too..

No matter what you lose or gain,

You will never be the same again..



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