I would better be

“Oh dear, may I take you with me to make people happy again?” The kind potter asked.

“Before hearing my answer, can you please tell me what did you do with my companion you took?” I asked.

“Oh! He is the most happiest he could ever be. I moulded him into the most beautiful pot I had ever made and sold him to a man. Now he stays in his house and helps them as he holds water for them.” He kindly replied.

“But tell me will he stay there for his entire life?” I asked.

“Yes, he will! Here you are useless, you will be useful to so many after I will mould you.” He answered.

“What if he breaks? Will they still keep him?” I again asked.

“No, they will throw him. But I have made it so strong that he won’t break so easily and atleast not for some months.” He replied again.

“My dear potter, whenever he breaks kindly put him again with me in this soil. He would then be again happy. Isn’t it?” I requested.

“No, he is now so strong that he cannot mix with sand again anymore.” The potter replied.

“Then I would call it as rigidity that strength. And our life goes beyond hundreds of men. We live much after you die. So I will not like to live rest of my life being much useless.

I would better be this soft. Atleast a seed germinates in me and he never leaves me until his life ends. 

I would better be this porous. Atleast water cherishes my heart and not leaves me for someone else to drink except for the seeds I grow.

I would better be this mild. Atleast small children play in me heartily.

I would better be this flexible. Atleast I can breathe and live before my life ends.

I would better be this useless. Atleast I am useful to some and those care for me.”


Sometimes be useless, be mild; it is much better than being rigid. Once you start shaping your thoughts they may never be able to regain their flexibility. So never mould them. Always let them take the shape they take with time. 

No doubt, it is very necessary to put down your boundaries and put up your disciples, but never make your thoughts so self-centered that you don’t ever get a chance to look out of the box.


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