Dearest time

Dearest time,

Kindly turn back, turn back for me;

Turn back for me to cherish you..

Turn back for me to live you once again..

Kindly come in front of me, 

For what I see is never you, but the clock..

Have you never been tired of running continuously?

Don’t you want to pause for a moment and live it?

Haven’t you ever relived a moment for more than once?

Dear, kindly pause, kindly pause for me;

Pause for me since I want you to live a moment;

Live a moment for thousand times;

Cherish it for millions and Remember it till infinity.. 

The rulers changed to leaders;

And huts to skyscrapers;

But you like gold, remained the master of all..

Master of all..

Thou mighty time, thy mighty reign;

Shall remain forever..



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