A Flame of Hope

Yesterday we had a bad weather. The wind blew very fast. In rainy season, we may expect such winds; but this was kinda different.

I was alone in the home. Nothingness filled both my home and my heart. I had nothing to do, nobody to talk to, nothing to eat and moreover nothing to warm me. My family was stuck in rain at a distance of around 5 km. They could not come home, neither I could talk to them due to inappropriate network. I sat beside the window, looking outside it as each beautiful pearl dropped down from heaven. I have always loved the sounds of thunder roars. It’s like the clouds scolding us for our sins.  

But there was one thing that caught my eye. A small lamp(Diya) was lit up down on a stair. I started looking at its fluctuating flame. It fluctuated frequently like a pendulum from one side to other. There was a leaf over it which protected it from the drops of water. A small plant, incapable of even standing by its stem properly, was protecting the flame selflessly. It was such a beautiful scene. I smiled looking at it for around 10 minutes. 

The world is busy by its fire and desire to win, 

While I am blessed to protect you from its sin..

With almost no hope to have anything, I found out something to observe and something to write about. That is why I consider writing as my mode of liberation. 

In the amidst of all the war going around them, they were happily chatting with each other protecting one another. The plant protected flame from blowing out and the flame kept the plant warm. The had a hope that the rain will end and the weather will again be pleasant.

Amidst of the war and noice,

Let me hear your soul’s voice..

Suddenly a tear rolled down my eye. What costed me this was a blink of my eye. I was observing it and after a mere 1/100th part of a second after my blink, I saw that a drop fell on the flame and it exstinguished. 

The plant cried on its carelessness and the flame was nowhere to regret. The hope that the rain would stop and they would be able to see the shing Sun together died with it also.

Both of them died alone, together..


ยฉLetters to Life


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