Reflection of my Soul #2

“A continued part of Reflection of my soul:#1

So, as I said in the previous post, our soul reflects purely and when we see through it, we realise that we were merely running behind materialistic things which our soul doesn’t carry with itself. In one of my posts, My Soul’s Story I mentioned that this world is a mere game in which we souls are captured. 

You might feel what we need to do is ‘Purification of Soul’ But our souls are themselves very pure; in fact they are the purest. 

So what should we do to realise the true purpose of our existence?

Before that, I would like to make certain things known:

  • Homo sapians (Humans) are one of the species like any other; take it birds or plants. So we are not the only ones blessed with souls, they also do have souls.
  • When we talk about souls, they do not die. They are immortal.
  • We are in this world with our choice. We all are powerful souls, but we chose to enter this world.
  • There is no such thing like an impure soul. Souls can never be impure. When we talk about a bad person, we say it because their soul is covered by a layer of other impurities which are are a result of this world.
  • We are all born with a prime purpose of liberating our soul from this world and attaining salvation. There may also be some other purposes.

      I am probably very small and inexperienced to tell what is the soul’s composition or what are souls. But life is my biggest teacher. At this petty age also it taught me what I have to do to  Live my one and only life to its fullest, so as to also complete all its other small purposes.

      • The very moment: The biggest mistake what I have done till so long is running. I have always assigbed myself a certain number of goals, which due to my nature, were never left incomplete. What I now understand is that, no doubt life’s every moment should have a purpose, every purpose should also have its moment. Sometimes in between those rush, I should pause, breath and enjoy the very moment.
      • Consolidate your energy: Humans are social animals. That is the pun of this game of focus. We get busy with other humans, while time plays its mawkish role. At this very moment also when you are reading this, you may be thinking of someone else. In this way you lose your energy that is actually for your soul’s development. So, you must focus on yourself and bring all your energy back to yourself. In a day, try to once get all your energy to yourself. Remember, you don’t need other people to survive, you simply need yourself. 

      Other parts of these series will deal with the two main points mentioned in the last. Keep following😊



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