Reflection of my Soul #1

What does a mirror do? The very obvious answer is it reflects.

But what does it reflects? It reflects what is put before it. 

Is the mirror able to reflect and does it reflect perfectly what it sees? Yes, it does. Why? Because of its purity. That is the same with our soul. It is the purest of all. The most perfect. It also is able to reflect faithfully and perfectly. 

But what does it reflect? It reflects the truth of our existence and the synopsis of our life. It makes us aware of our deeds till date and what all we have achieved.

Ask your soul the following questions:

  • What have I till the moment achieved?
  • For what have I worked for so hard?
  • Am I happy?
  • If me 7-year old will see me, will it be happy?
  • Have I put you in front of my brain anytime in making decisions?
  • Have I ever lived or just existed?
  • The most important: What is the purpose of my life? Where is my life heading to?

These questions are probably for the very first time asked by you to your soul. Isn’t it? And the hard core fact is that these questions are really tough to be answered. We all are pure souls which have been kept in this small body. By getting in this body, we somewhere forget the truth of our existence and get into the race of gaining materialistic things. 

But, the major question is: how to realize the truth? And how to achieve the real motive of our life? 

Answering all these questions, you will realise you have wasted all your life on petty materialistic things which will at the end, come to an end. 

So what to do?

Get to know about this in the second part.



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