A blank letter

Today, at this very moment, I sit on the desk reading a letter from a person whom I loved the most at a time in my life. I initially found it weird that in this world of technology, I was receiving a letter. But now I realize that this letter contains by far the most beautiful message I have ever received. 

My life was just simply perfect when we were together. But due to certain unavoidable circumstances, we had to part. It took almost two years for me to accept a life without him. I had left all the hope to even hear him anytime in my left over life. And my presumption came out to be true. Still, his place is filled only with air in my soul.

Than why this? I wish I had never received this letter. After four decades, I suddenly get a letter from him and that too, A Blank Letter. I was surprised by it. So, I tried to know about him from one of my distant friend. And I got to know that he has been diognised by deadly disease a year ago and now is in his last stage. He has no more time than to make a cupcake.

Now I understand why he wrote me a letter. He only wished to make me believe that he still remembers me. He also has that vacant place in his heart, which I have. He might have tried to write a letter, but he didn’t want me to get upset. He still cares for me, and so do I. He could not write anything else since he had a millions of things to write which this small piece of paper was incapable of holding on to, neither he had that much time to write it out. At this spurr, I regret of not going against the wind and staying with him.

My soul still remembers it. Hope I find him this time.



16 thoughts on “A blank letter

  1. I feel like marine diver risking his life only with the hope of getting pearl from oyster. The emotions you want to convey reach our soul in their purest form.

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