7 Secrets you would wish to know before

At the sunset of your life, you look back at its sunrise and you find a million of small things that you wish you had known before. Those millions of small things would definitely result in a bigger change in your life. 

Just a small attempt of mine to make my readers aware of those small: “I wish I could have’s”

1. 3 Words for life: It goes on..

Life gets innumerable of those small problems that we feel to go in a cave and hide ourselves in it for the rest of our life. But the truth is we don’t. We still exist, breath and the best part is, the problem also gets solved. This is the fact. The life never stops; it keeps taking our tests and even if we don’t pass in it, it gives us another set of problems.

2. Some of the issues didn’t require those big reactions

We all face various problems, but we get to know their difficulty level only after they are resolved. This is the fact that we all forget. We all give unnecessary big reactions to the actual small problems. 

We all have seen tides in the ocean; they appear big when they are far, so we move backward. But if we stay their calmly, we get to realize that they are actually not so giant when the water touches our feet.

3. People are the best addiction

All over the world, we hear number of stories that tell us how people leave their near and dear ones and go in other parts of the world for the sake of getting materialistic gains. But don’t we all at the very moment agree that all our money is of no use if we don’t have our silly friends to give treat to, or to complete wishes of our family.

Yes, this is the truth. In every victory of life, we do need some people to celebrate with. Without our dear ones, our life becomes a sea without waves, doesn’t it?

4. Happiness is the most wanted

A boy was once asked by his teachers what he wanted to be when he grew up. He answered, Happy. The teachers said him that he didn’t understood the question, and he smiled and replied that they had not understood life.

This seems just so true. Why do we want everything else in the life? Only for happiness. It is an indispensable part of life. 

But unfortunately, in the race of life forget this truth and sacrifice our happiness for the materialistic gains.

5. Opportunities are only bridges, not life.

Every single moment in our life, we get an opportunity. These are definitely very important. But they are not the only thing important. 

They should be in fact seen as a bridge connecting two beautiful cities. If we go to the other city by crossing the bridge, it is definitely very good, but even if we don’t, the city on this side is also beautiful.

6. Every single movement is important

What is life? It is a journey to death. Every single moment brings us closer to our end. Therefore we must live our each moment which makes its worth count in our entire path of life.

Our life should set an example for others to look upon to. For this, we need to give our 100% to every moment. This ultimately makes us immortal in the hearts of others.

7. At the end, good always wins.

What starts in this world, ends here. We are breathing this moment because we still have some of our dues pending. The moment all our dues are justified, is the moment our soul leaves this mortal body.

So, never think anyone gains from any wrong thing; because he has to pay it off here itself. Until the end is not justified, it’s not the end.

Have patience, a better fate awaits you…



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