My Outer Layer – Reflects My Inner Wandering Soul

Many people ask me why is our body given if the soul is the only truth?

I found it worth too.

But then I realised that my soul is always wandering or in more simple words, never at one place. It thinks hundreds of things at a moment and hence my body was created to protect my soul.

My outer layer is an evidence of my materiality. It gets shed off when my part in this play is done. We can’t get rid off our outer layer as and when we wish. But those people who despite of having their outer layer show their soul’s power become saints.

Thus, my outer layer reflects my inner wandering soul.


The Gypsy In Me

I have wandered through my life with no particular plan, swayed by whatever seemed interesting at the time. Or tagged along with someone who was going somewhere – anywhere – I didn’t really care, as long as I was moving.

I’ve branded my life ‘the gypsy approach’ and I’ve dressed accordingly. Not in a conscious way; I just seemed to gravitate to the carefree colours that appealed to me at the time. And with reckless abandon I could adorn the colours of the rainbow, in a single outfit – none of which matched anything else at the time.

Easy for me – hard on anyone who had to view me from the other side. My best friend would hold her breath until I arrived at her door, wondering what outlandish mis-match of colours I’d turn up in for an event the average person would at least try to colour-coordinate for…

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