My soul’s story

Human existence is a mere lie, souls are the real truth..

My soul’s writhed and my petty mortal body is wrecked, still I have to exist here. If I knew this would be the result of this game,  I would have never entered.

My soul still remembers that day when I was asked in that profound limitless universe about this game of focus. In this game,  I would be placed in a small mortal body.  All I had to do was to be focused and be back myself again. Since then I,  the powerful soul capable of destroying the entire universe is locked in this game with my other companions.

Since then I have been assigned many small bodies which won’t even add upto my real size. With each moment,  I go away from my real self.

Time has ruled mawkishly,  but now even I am determined that I will be focused and won’t wear anymore layettes.


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