Silence is never empty.

In response to daily prompt:

The best drug for a human is another human being.. 

What is silence?

Silence is when there is no noice around, or shall I say no sound around. Relate to yourself; have you never felt silence in a full perfectly planned party for you? Or on a beautiful beach?

Yes,  we do sometimes feel that emptiness, or shall I say silence.  I mentioned earlier that for a human,  the best drug is another human. But, not all humans for all are equally important. The attachment and happiness we feel for one is always different for another. We may love our family, but we always have a different feeling for our best friend with whom we have grown. If our that friend is going through an emotional trauma, and we are put in a surprise party by our family, our focus still remains there. And at that time we feel that silence. That silence is in our hearts, which we may not be able to express.


In one of my recent posts I mentioned that while living someone,  you need not speak. I strongly believe in it since love loves silence. We humans are actually weak in expressing ourselves. So we try to speak and make others understand what we feel. But we forget that we have an almighty soul in ourselves, which expresses itself very truly to another soul. The another soul also understands the former. The only requirement for these soul’s voices to come out is Silence. When the mouth shuts,  the souls speak.

Trust me,  the voices of souls are very sweet. Try and here them one. You will love them and Silence.

Let the silence speak.


4 thoughts on “Silence is never empty.

  1. Very well said! Verbal communication can be so clumsy, which is why exercising more than one form of communication can be helpful. For instance, letters as we bloggers do, or partner dancing as my husband & I do.

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