Fragile.. Is it me?

Everyone calls me a damn strong person; but heyya wait, am I fragile? Do I break easily?

Yes, I do. Probably no one would believe that I cry very often. If not by shedding tears that peeling off my heart. In fact, all of us are fragile.

What fragile literally means is something or someone that breaks easily. We all get disheartened by a single thing not going with the flow. Still what we show is the brave ‘I’ outside. The core of our heart knows that we are upset. There is no solution to make all the things go as we wish, but there is only one thing we can do. And that thing is to join our broken parts. That is exactly what all of us do. We divert our minds to all other good things and stop worrying. The only helper of ours at that time is time itself. It heals our wounds.

But do they ever get 100% perfect or as they were? No, a scar of the wound is always left. Each second that is passing leaves a mark on our life. It then depends on us we let it make a mark of a scar.

We all do fight with our sorrow. We all are fighters. We all are that penny soldiers that may not even fulfill even 0.1×10^-100000, but when the right moment appears, we all create history.

Being fragile is thus not a negative point, but not recreating ourselvesis one.

Be a fighter.




8 thoughts on “Fragile.. Is it me?

  1. Beautiful article! That’s very true dear but only diverting one’s mind and pampering one’s heart is not enough..for time being you’ll feel good but internal healing is very much needed to come out strongly from any situation and then you are real fighter with no regrets..and as per me forgiveness is the super power..with divine thanks…


    1. Very true.. but time is the master of all. It aids our wounds. With the passage of time, we all get used to the reality and there comes a new normal. At the end, justice is always done and so our wounds are cured.
      Forgiveness is surely a very good way of healing internal wounds.
      Thanks for such beautiful worda.


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